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Plenary I – Plenary I: An Unconventional Path - Toni Morgan
Plenary II – Pathways for Success in Higher Education Studies – Professor Martin Nakata
Plenary III – Unpacking the Transfer Playbook: How Higher Education Institutions Can Improve Transfer Outcomes – John Fink
Plenary IV – Near & Far: Supporting Student Mobility Across Diverse Dimensions – Leesa Wheelahan, Cliff Adelman, Joanne Duklas, Justin Rami
Remarks from MAESD Deputy Minister Sheldon Levy

Block A

A1: Improving Postsecondary Mobility in Ontario: Student Priorities for Credit Transfer Mark Gurrisi | Ciara Byrne
A2: Insights from a Research and Project Review
A3: Building High Impact Transfer Programs for Recruitment, Retention, and Student Success
Please contact Alana Wiens for materials from session A3.
A4: Ontario Indigenous Program Pathway Inventory 2016

Block B

B1: Building Pathways to Post-Secondary Education for At-Risk Students and Vulnerable Youth through Community-Based Learning Hubs
B1: Report
B2: Faculty Focused Collaboration for Student Transfer Success
B3: Speed Networking
B4: Using a Novel NVivo Protocol to Create Optimal Pathways Between Credentials
B5: Student Pathways Destinations in Ontario

Block C

C1: OSAP Through the Lens of a Transfer Student
C2: The Path to Pathways: An Innovative Approach
C3: Learning Outcomes for Transfer—Publication Project
C4: Transfer Students: Their Perceptions of and Experience with ONTransfer.ca

Block D

D1: From University to College: Untold Stories of College Baccalaureate Students
D2: Unraveling the Knot: Understanding the Diverse Postsecondary Pathways of Toronto High School Students
D3: The Game Education Matrix: Facilitating Pathways in Postsecondary Games Education
D4: Exploring New Technology-Enabled Learning Strategies for Servicing Technical and/or Trades Programs
D5: Seneca College’s Degree and Credit Transfer Office: A Profile of Users and an Analysis of Transfer Outcomes

Block E

E1: Pathways for Indigenous Learners: Collaborating Across Inigenous Institutes, Colleges, and Universities
E2: Creating a Culture of Mobility
E3: A Three-Tiered Approach to Optimizing Student Access Through Pathways
E4: Tax-Linked Postsecondary Data Sylvie Gauthier | Ross Finnie